Lobsterboy Macarther is a mutant who lives in Fairhope, Al

Life Before Movie Edit

In 1987, a scientist tried to create a lizard man army to take over the world, but he set the timer before adding lizard DNA to the machine. He then slipped and his lunch from Red Lobster fell in the machine. He couldn't remove it before time ran out. The egg then popped out of the machine. Lobsterboy hatched, then ran away. For years, he aged and was sighted. He eventually found an old iPod and a PC. He learned English and found YouTube. Many sightings occurred between 1995-2007.

Movie Edit

In his upcoming movie, an FBI agent was sent to investigate the sightings. He found him and heard his dream of becoming part of human society. He decides to help Lobsterboy become accepted. He records his journey with a camcorder.